Part Time

Artisan & Craft

Out of My Mind - Fine Art

Katie Argyle works across the mediums of printmaking, painting and ceramics, exploring the unique qualities of each one.

Artisan & Craft

Weez's Workshop

Market Dates: May 26, June 23rd and Aug 25

I am a multi medium artisan who creates for the home and garden using natural and reclaimed materials that inspire me.

Artisan & Craft

Fallen Tree Creations

Market Dates: June 2nd, July 7th and Sept 8th

Fallen Tree Creations was created in 2018 as a result of wanting to save the usable lumber from fallen trees we were asked to cut down or make safe for customers to clean up.  With the addition of a bandsaw mill we make lumber out of trees.  We use the lumber to make charcuterie boards and live edge lumber for sale. 

Over the last year we have expanded our creations to include other products made from fallen trees.  Charcuterie boards, cutting boards, bat houses, butterfly boxes, bathtub boards, barbeque scrapers, salmon cedar planks to name a few.

 A photo gallery is available for viewing on our facebook page called Fallen Tree Creations and Instagram. 


Phone: 905-904-0075


Sage & Shepherd Farm

Market Dates: May 19, July 7, July 14, July 28, Aug 11, Aug 25, Sep 8, Sep 15, Sep 22, Sep 29, Oct 6, Oct 20

Sage & Shepherd Farm is a husband and wife duo raising pastured and forested protein using regenerative farming methods. We specialize in pastured chicken, duck, pheasants, turkey, 100% grass fed and finished lamb, and forested heritage pork. A variety of cuts are available online. 

Cheese & Preserves


Market Dates: June 24, July 8, July 15, August 12, August 19, Sep 9

Sarafino is a boutique, family operated, importing and distributing company who partners with artisans producing natural and un-compromised products which are true to their origins. As a family owned business, we have come to value traditional, family run, farming operations, who use sustainable and organic methods. Our goal is to protect such artisanal practices by promoting these products and sharing their stories, origins and quality, with the discerning public. We will continue on this path and maintain our reputation as an honest, hardworking and genuine food provider with nothing to hide. Our company is built on transparency, tradition, trust, teaching, taste and togetherness.